Everything you need to know about Furnace and Duct Cleaning in Calgary

Did you know Cleaning Your furnace in Calgary has many hidden benefits for your family

A poorly maintained furnace may unexpectedly breakdown and then cost you both money and time to fix Furnace Cleaning Experts can help you identify possible problems even before they result in costly breakdowns, while a rising energy cost increases the need for efficiency every day.
More importantly, furnace cleaning and maintenance is very important in protecting you, your health and your safety.
When contracting any furnace cleaning team, be sure before they leave your home that they have made sure your furnace operates as efficiently and safely as possible.

Did you know Cleaning Your furnace in Calgary has many hidden benefits for your familyThe check and adjustment fROM a furnace cleaning team can help

• Helps bring down monthly utility costs
• Set reminders to check your carbon monoxide detectors monthly to protect your family
• Prevents breakdowns of the furnace in the middle of the night

Eight diagnostic tests your Calgary team will start with

• Check for operating pressures
• Verify that the unit is operating according to the manufacturer"s instructions/specifications
• Check the fan belt and make the necessary adjustments
• Test the device on a full operating cycle
• Use measuring devices to check for potential carbon monoxide leaks
• Check the operation for the condensation system
• Check the temperatures across the air handler
• Inspect for hazardous waste in your chimney flue

If the technician detect that any of the checks above indicate a problem, the team must perform a further assessment to be sure the equipment is operating both efficiently and safely before they leave your home.

A further safety check will help you

• Ensure there are no carbon monoxide leaks in or around the furnace
• Improve your indoor air quality
• Extend your equipment lifespan
• Make sure the furnace is operating to the conditions it was designed
• Eliminates the problem of unexpected breakdowns

Why you might need a furnace tune-up

Do you often find yourself without heating? Or you no longer want to overpay for utility bills, or perhaps your furnace cannot withstand or keep up with harsh winter? If you had to answer yes to any of the questions, then your furnace is most likely in need of a tune-up. This is an affordable and convenient yearly service that offers many benefits both for your furnace and finance.
• It will cost you less and reduce your carbon foot print: a clean and good heating system works more efficiently and consumes much less energy than those which are poorly managed. Tuning up your furnace can help you improve its efficiency and save more money which would have gone to the utility bill.
• A noticeable difference in warmth: The accumulation of dirt in the furnace can prevent flames from burning properly or hot as necessary. This most definitely will reduce your comfort while you wait for your furnace to reach the temperature you desire.
• Avoid breakdowns: about 90% of the several breakdowns are faults due to lack of maintenance. Do not let this situation happen to your family. Avoid paying the price for common and regular breakdown and make sure that good and qualified experts are invited to help you out.
• Increase durability: the more you take care of the furnace, the longer it will serve and last for you to keep enjoying. Invite only top quality professionals to look into your furnace needs.


Did you know Cleaning Your furnace in Calgary has many hidden benefits for your familyWith old Jack Frost just around the corner, it"s just about that time to turn on our fireplace and furnaces to keep the home warm and comfortable. Ensuring that seasonal maintenance is done in your furnace will allow it to work easily and efficiently even in the winter. This post covers all the uncelebrated benefits of normal furnace maintenance, and what you need to stay warm and worry less.

Fewer utility bills
With regular maintenance of your furnace cleaning, it will work more efficiently during the winter months. During maintenance work, the electrical connections can be adjusted, the moving parts are also lubricated, the air flow is also measured, and the blower component is inspected and also adjusted. The gas pressure is also inspected, and condenser and evaporator coils are then inspected, by making sure each part of the furnace works at full strength helps improve the efficiency during operation, which reduces the cost of your bills.

Longevity of furnace life span
The range of inspections and tests performed during seasonal maintenance allows the technician to make small changes that will extend the life of the furnace. The lubrication of the moving parts, the inspection and cleaning the condensate drains and testing the starting capacity of the unit and other cleaning things done during maintenance procedure helps keep the furnace parts from further deterioration

Less costs to repair/replace 
The seasonal inspection allows the technician the opportunity to thoroughly inspect the furnace and detect minor problems before they become those that need expensive repairs. Cleaning, lubrication, and evaluation of the furnace keep it at its best, reducing the number of breakdowns or malfunctions. With constant inspections. The furnace is going to need very little to no repair.

Improves your security
When your family and home is involved, safety should always be top of the priority list. For this reason, each complete furnace maintenance session must include a review of the safety features and the possible areas problems would arise from. Such procedures include the cleaning and adjusting of the burner unit, then cleaning the ignition unit, check the heat exchanger, check and make sure safety checks/control are strictly adhered to and the filter must be replaced. With the proper inspection and top maintenance, you can heat the home without having to worry about the safety issues. There is no fear once a furnace is working perfectly well.

Improved efficiency 
Once the maintenance is done and complete, the furnace will operate with maximum efficiency and performance. When all the important parts have been lubricated, inspected and adjusted, your furnace will have improved capacity, which means it"s easier to meet the heating needs of your home.

{Do not forget your fireplace!|Lets not forget the fireplace!|Remember the fireplace as well!
Your furnace is not the only appliance that needs to be checked and cleaned regularly. If you’ve got a gas fireplace, insert or stove, you must regularly carry out maintenance, it’s as important to keep it efficient as well as safe.

A good furnace cleaning Calgary team will help you maintain and service your furnace.


Making sure your furnace system is in perfect condition throughout the entire winter season is compulsory if your home is to be heated reliably. The dust and dirt inside the furnace parts in the fan area will affect the entire system and may cause safety issues. Depending on your set skill and level of comfort with certain mechanical systems, you could clean some of your furnace components by yourself before and also during the heating seasons. If you are not comfortable with the furnace environment and setup or cannot access the critical parts, then get a good furnace cleaning Calgary team to do the job for you. Otherwise, read on for basic tips on how to go about it.

As a starting point, learning to exchange the filter for the system is a great way to keep the rest of the system clean. Check it at least once every month if it is often used. Replace the filter with another filter which is suitable or that fits your system, and it should be exactly the size the manufacturer has recommended. This will help you eliminate unnecessary issues and need for another repair caused by the use of an wrong filter. Furnace Cleaning companies in Calgary can help.

Did you know Cleaning Your furnace in Calgary has many hidden benefits for your familyImprovements of a furnace cleaning:

Run more efficiently.
If dirt is covering the blower motor, switches, heat exchanger and ignition system, the furnace is made to work harder. Dirty filters reduce the amount of air flowing through the heat exchanger, allowing your furnace to run for longer cycles. Dirt on the heat exchanger, (which is an important and costly part of the furnace), isolates it; therefore the air which is passing over it will not absorb as much heat as is required and thereby increases its running time.

Last for a longtime
While furnaces are designed to generate heat, dirty parts accelerate the aging process of the electronic switches and controls, the blower fan and motor, including the heat exchanger.

Run safely
Over a period, a dirty exchanger can break prematurely and release carbon monoxide into the air in your home. These cracks can force a repair that’s rather expensive or bring about a complete replacement of the furnace.

Cleaning the furnace
To clean your oven, you have to contact a furnace cleaning Edmonton team (if you live in Calgary). DO not try to clean the furnace by yourself. Otherwise, there could be a risk of electric shock. Some areas must be professionally checked before starting the cleaning process. It is recommended always to clean the furnace at least once every year. Your ducts too should be clean regularly (say every two years). This helps ensure that your system is well maintained and that all other components, such as the heat exchanger, drain pan, coils, fan motor and housing, as well as the system housing are also maintained. If you have longer ducts in your house which helps evenly distribute the hot air to all parts of your house, you should also have the air ducts checked to see if there are any leaks. It is necessary to ensure that areas are free of moisture, dirt, water, pests, dust and other contaminants.
In conclusion, do not try to clean your furnace yourself. It could be dangerous. Call the professional duct cleaning team in Calgary.


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